Is there anything more satisfying than reducing a

We need to talk about Burnout – with Dr Zeshan Qureshi

Burnout and Mental Health problems can affect clinicians in all specialities and of all grades. For too long it has been swept under the carpet for the mistaken belief that it is a sign of weakness and poor character. But of late people have started to speak up on the topic. For a profession that exists to care for people, failure to care for ourselves results in poorer patient outcomes and is the reason we have such a high suicide rate within medicine.

Is there anything more satisfying than reducing a

Podcast Interview – Talking Paramedicine with Luke Summers

When you work in Urgent Care you will always be relieved when the Ambulance service takes our sickest patients to hospital. But do you truly understand what the EMTs, Paramedics and ICPs do day in and day out, what their training and scope of practice is and do you appreciate how hard it is to make clinical decisions out in the field. To get a better idea we talk with Intensive Care Paramedic and Programme Lead of Paramedicine at AUT in Auckland, Luke Summers.

Abdominal pain quiz

Welcome to your Abdominal pain quiz Email Name 1. An 81-year-old diabetic woman with a history of atrial fibrillation is brought to your Urgent Care clinic . She is complaining of abdominal pain, having already vomited once. Her vital signs in the ED are temperature 37.3oC, blood pressure (BP) 105/75 mm Hg, heart rate (HR)…