RNZCUC allows doctors to complete the Fellowship training programme whether based in Aotearoa New Zealand or overseas (in a country with a health system deemed comparable to that in Aotearoa New Zealand, a “CHS”).  Those with significant emergency medicine training and experience may request that the College considers them for the accelerated pathway to to Fellowship.

Whether applying in Aotearoa New Zealand, overseas (CHS country), or for the accelerated pathway, the first step is to read the appropriate sub-menu page of this section.  You will be asked to complete the eligibility request form, which also constitutes an expression of interest.

  • If you’re based in Aotearoa New Zealand read this page.
  • If you’re based overseas, and plan to complete the full training programme, read this page.
  • If you’ have significant emergency medicine training, and/or wish to be considered for the accelerated pathway to Fellowship, read this page.
  • If you already have urgent care training that satisfies an overseas regulatory authority for vocational registration in urgent care, read this page.
  • If you want access to all our educational material, read this page