Registrars are required to complete ongoing CPD activities.  These are called ‘annual requirements’ and are in addition to the training programme components. The annual requirements are based on the components of the Fellows’ recertification programme, with those specifically required for registrars listed below.


Maintaining compliance with the annual and training programme requirements

We check your training programme progress and compliance with the annual requirements in UCCIS at the anniversary of your training programme start.  You should have ongoing completion of training programme components and have completed all annual requirements. It is your responsibility to record activities in UCCIS.

If we cannot find evidence of progress and compliance we will ask you to complete all overdue items within three months, or develop an approved plan with the DCT.  If neither of these happen, we are required to inform MCNZ that you are not complying with the programme. Within UCCIS we use a monitor status colour code to guide us (and you) in this process.