Registrars are required to complete ongoing CPD activities.  These are called ‘annual requirements’ and are in addition to the training programme components. The annual requirements are based on the components of the Fellows’ recertification programme, with those specifically required for registrars listed below.


  • Completion of at least 400 clinical hours per year in an approved urgent care setting.
  • Supervision meetings:
    • Current:  six meetings per year with your supervisor, using the recommended supervision meeting template , and the submission of the supervision report forms at least annually.
    • With effect from early August 2022:   Meeting with your supervisor once every three months using the quarterly appraisal form (link to be inserted once the form is approved for use) to guide the conversation.  The meeting is recorded in UCCIS or uploaded as a pdf to your UCCIS CPD record.
  • Peer group activities of 6 hours per year (see Fellow’s peer group recertification requirement).
  • Annual training in resuscitation, with at least one full course every three years. If a full course has not been completed in the three years prior to starting the training programme (or a course the College deems to satisfy this requirement), you must complete a full course in your first three months of commencing the training programme.
  • One clinical audit per year. Unless otherwise instructed by the College:
  • Completion of the essential knowledge quiz each year.
  • Progress on the training programme to the satisfaction of the Education Committee.

Maintaining compliance with the annual and training programme requirements

We check your training progamme progress and compliance with the annual requirements around the time of your PC renewal. If we cannot find evidence we will ask you to complete all overdue items within three months, or develop an approved plan with the DCT. If either of these don’t happen, we are required to inform MCNZ that you are not complying with the programme.

Should you not be progressing adequately on the training programme, the Education Committee may stipulate additional CPD requirements.  The registrar performance policy applies.