Registrars are required to complete ongoing CPD activities.  These are called ‘annual requirements’ and are in addition to the training programme components.

The annual requirements are based on the Fellows’ recertification programme, except registrars who are progressing adequately on the training programme are not required to complete CPD in addition to the training programme.  Should you not be progressing adequately, the Education Committee may stipulate a CPD requirement.

First year of training

For those who recently started the training programme (within the last 12 months), the annual requirements are included in the early requirements section.  This covers the requirements for the first year.

Subsequent years of training

Those in year two and onwards, as long as you are complying with the requirements, the cycle is described in the recertification programme pages,  Note that the year two audit, which is the PSS/MSFS, is required at the end of year one but counts as your year two audit.

Maintaining compliance

We check your training progamme progress and compliance with the annual requirements around the time of your PC renewal.  If we cannot find evidence we will ask you to complete all overdue items within three months, or develop an approved plan with the DPD (DCT for registrars). If either of these don’t happen, we are required to inform MCNZ that you are not complying with the programme. The registrar performance policy applies.