Fellows working overseas who wish to retain Fellowship should retain membership and complete the following recertification requirements.

RNZCUC does not have the resources to gain and maintain accreditation with overseas registration bodies as a medical education provider.  When the programme is satisfactorily completed, RNZCUC can provide a letter confirming completion of the activities which you can present to the authority you are registered with.

If wishing to enter this pathway, email admin@rnzcuc.org.nz. The DPD will communicate with you to confirm the programme meets your needs.  When commencing this pathway, MCNZ will be advised that you are working exclusively overseas.

The programme retains the triennium, with annual and triennial requirements. You are able to cross-claim CPD if you are on a programme to satisfy another registration body, though anything claimed on the RNZCUC programme should be relevant to your practice of urgent care.


We recommend advising the College ahead of your return to practising urgent care in Aotearoa New Zealand. The DPD (after liaison with the PSC and possibly the BoC) will work with you on any return-to-practice requirements.