All doctors complete at least one MSFS each triennium.  Registrars must complete the College MSFS within their first year of training unless exempted by the Education Committee.

The College has developed a simple multi-source feedback survey (MSFS) based on the previous patient satisfaction survey. Instructions are below. There are also externally-provided MSFS that are more in-depth.

A doctor may complete the College MSFS, the externally-provided MSFS, or submit an MSFS completed for an employer or other College’s recertification programme.

If a doctor completes the College MSFS, the Director of Clinical Training (for registrars) or Director of Professional Development (for Fellows) will review the results and discuss low-scoring surveys with the doctor. If this survey identifies any significant issues, the doctor will be required to complete the external MSFS.

Doctors will be required to complete the externally-provided MSFS if:

  • They have low scores on their College MSFS
  • They are undergoing an RPR or clinical practice visit
  • They are on the alternative clinical, or non-clinical recertification programmes
  • When otherwise stipulated by the College.

The external MSFS is considered a high-value activity and counts for double CPD points.  Fees are applicable and payable by the doctor.  Link to follow.

College MSFS

You survey 20 patients, seen by you, and 5 colleagues. The selection of patients and colleagues should be managed by the administrator (typically reception staff) and not the doctor.  Colleagues must include at least one nurse, one reception staff member and one doctor.  It may be sent to a radiographer, administrator, physiotherapist or pharmacist, so long as they work within the same clinic environment.

With the online version:

  • When you identify that your MSFS is due, email and indicate you wish to complete the MSFS.  Include in the email the name of a clinic administrator who will be the point of contact for the purposes of this survey. The College will create a unique link and code for your survey and send this to your administrator contact.
  • The administrator selects patients and colleagues to send the link or QR code.
  • Once 5 Colleague and 20 Patient surveys have been collated, the surveys will close, and the College will notify you of the completion.  The results will then get uploaded to your e-portfolio.

With the paper version:

  • Doctors should give these instructions (old instructions; new ones to be written) to the person administering the survey, who will ask patients and colleagues to complete a short form (to be updated/revised).
  • Forms are gathered by the administrator, and not seen by the doctor (especially important for colleague responses).
  • When complete, forms should be sent by the reception staff to the College as per staff instructions (old instructions; new ones to be written).
  • College staff will anonymise the information, collate it, enter it into ePortfolio, and report back to the doctor.