When under supervision on the vocational training programme of urgent care, registrars must work in facilities that satisfy the approved training facility policy.  Urgent care clinical hours can only be claimed in such facilities.  When working in other facilities, urgent care registrars are operating outside the scope of the urgent care training programme.

Applicants to the training programme and current registrars are able to view the Approved Training Facility (ATF) list within UCCIS. If it is not available, contact the office (admin@rnzcuc.org.nz).  Those intending to work at a facility that is not currently approved as an ATF may apply to the Facilities Audit Committee (FAC) for the facility to be approved as an ATF.  Clinics may also apply in advance of employing an urgent care registrar.

To apply for ATF status:

  1. Complete the ATF approval form and email to fac@rnzcuc.org.nz.
  2. The College will acknowledge the form within 3 working days. If no acknowledgement is received, please email info@rnzcuc.org.nz.
  3. The approval process takes around 2 weeks but may take longer if additional information is sought.
  4. Should approval be granted, we will inform the applicant and the clinic.  A clinic contact person (name, email) is required.  The name of the clinic, and other contact information, will be included in the College information system (UCCIS).

Accredited urgent care clinics are not automatically approved as ATF as there are additional requirements beyond the scope of UCS2015.  They are subject to an annual review in the same manner as non-accredited facilities.

Annual review

All ATF are reviewed annually.  A review form will be sent to the clinic contact person for completion one month prior to the review date.  Should the review not be completed within one month after the review date, the facility will have relinquished its ATF approval.

Relinquishing ATF status

A facility will be deemed to have relinquished its status as an ATF if:

  • There are training, supervision, professional, or welfare issues that remain unresolved
  • The clinic fails to respond to the request for an annual review
  • The clinic requests to have their approval revoked
  • In the case of a non-accredited urgent care clinic, it no longer employs an RNZCUC registrar, and there is a low probability of other registrars working there in the near future.

In all cases, RNZCUC will inform all members working at the facility that it is no longer an ATF.