RNZCUC is introducing a Core Skills List (CSL) in 2018.  The list comprises some 55 separate skills and procedures with the techniques and tests itemised for each.   The skills sheets represent the level at which an Urgent Care doctor working in an Urgent Care Clinic or Emergency Department should aim for. It has a list of areas to the skill that the registrar should be competent in, with a tick box for the registrar to be observed completing. Included are some more specialised techniques / signs which are more specific to certain diseases or pathological processes, which would aid the doctor on the disposition of the patient.

16 of the skills checklists are covered at SDAW.  Registrars can ask their supervisor, other experienced Fellows or specialists, or the specialist when attending the specialist clinics, to sign to confirm their competence.

The CSL is in its final stage of development and will be published to all registrars once complete.  On introduction, all registrars are required to have their skills assessed and competence confirmed prior to the exit interview and achieving Fellowship. Senior registrars will NOT be required to complete the CSL.

This page will be updated once the CSL has been finalised.