The Education Committee (EdC) is responsible for matters relating to the training programme and registrars.  The EdC takes the lead in the requirements of the urgent care training programme, including ongoing review (from stakeholder feedback) and updates.

The EdC is responsible for College-provided (or maintained) elements of the training programme:

  • Urgent Care Course (UCC) online material.
  • Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend (SDAW), including approving trainers and assessors.
  • Core Skills List (containing the practical skills Fellows should be competent in carrying out).
  • Marking of case studies.
  • Marking of College research paper.
  • Assisting the PSC with implementing the supervisor policy.
  • Checking that registrar workplaces meet the criteria set in the Approved Training Facility Policy.

The EdC is responsible for monitoring registrars’ progress through the training programme, including their compliance with Continuing Professional Development requirements.  This includes detecting and remediating poor performance (see registrar performance policy), and arranging practice visits for registrars.

Much of the day-to-day activity is delegated to the Director of Clinical Training, with the operational and administrative management of the practical courses is delegated to the GM and office staff.

The EdC meets as required.

Education Committee