All registrars require a supervisor.  The supervisor will be:

  • A Fellow of RNZCUC (or other approved by Education Committee).
  • Available to meet for formal supervision sessions totalling of at least 6 hours per year.  Discussions will typically cover cases, your progress through the training programme, and any professional challenges you’re facing.
  • Able to assist you with Core Skills List sign off, by either completing this themselves or helping you find appropriate Fellows or specialists.
  • Able to supervise you.
    • For registrars, this means:
      • Working with you 6 hours per week in the same facility (or having formal approval from the Education Committee to delegate this activity).
    • For senior registrars, this means working in the same facility or, with approval from the Education Committee, able to offer guidance remotely.

We recommend reading the supervision policy and finding your supervisor before starting your training programme.

Supervision agreement forms should be sent to the Training Programme Coordinator ( as soon as you commence the training programme.

Supervision report forms are required annually.  We now ask for these at the time of your progress check, which is prior to your APC renewal date.  Supervisors should complete and send them to the Training Programme Coordinator (

A supervision meeting template is available here.  You do not need to send this in but should keep it as a record of activity.