The trauma course was created by RNZCUC in conjunction with the University of Auckland to provide urgent care doctors with the skills required to be involved in the management of trauma.  This course is intended for doctors and other healthcare providers who may incidentally or peripherally be involved (as members of an ad hoc resuscitation team) and is to provide a working knowledge for them so they are cognisant of the process being used.

The RNZCUC trauma course is a one-day workshop with significant pre-reading. On the course there will be demonstration and practice of skills during the morning of the course. Evaluation of whether you have a working knowledge of each skill will be done at this point and limited further time for practice may be available during lunch break.  During the afternoon each group of 4 doctors plus one nurse will rotate through four scenarios and rotate positions in the team. An assessment will be made of each doctor in each role considering competence and teamwork.

Booking a place on the RNZCUC trauma course should be completed well ahead of the course as places are limited.

Pre-approved alternatives to the trauma course include:

Others may be possible, though you should gain approval from the Director of Clinical Training before attending.

For health worforce funded registrars, reimbursement for alternatives may be limited. If this is a consideration please first contact the office to find out how much might be reimbursed.