Once awarded Fellowship of RNZCUC, you will need to inform MCNZ to that you can enter the urgent care vocational scope. Visit the MCNZ vocational specialist registration page on their website and follow their instructions.

Your RNZCUC CPD triennium continues, so the pattern of clinical audits (for example) does not change.  Your ePortfolio page appearance will have minor changes.  College membership does not change. Instead of working primarily with the Director of Clinical Training and Training Programme Coordinator, you will be liaising more with the Director of Professional Development and College Administrator.

MCNZ expectations of all vocational registrants include the following:

  1. All vocationally registered physicians are expected to be willing to make themselves available for appointment to Complaints Assessment Committee or a Competence Review Committee and / or recommend other appropriate colleagues.
  2. All vocationally registered practitioners are expected to be willing to refer for a competence review any practitioner whose competence is of concern and to be willing to assist the Medical Council in the development and implementation of educational interventions for those undertaking a competence programme.