The Board of Censors (BoC) is responsible for setting and measuring Fellowship standards, and discipline.  The convenor is typically a member of the EC, appointed by the EC shortly after the AGM.  The BoC meets regularly (often weekly) for short periods, to approve entry to and exit from the training or recertification programmes. Much of the day-to-day activity of applying the training programme selection policy and exit interviews is delegated to the Director of Clinical Training.

The draft governance policy provides more detail on the BoC. The BoC is responsible for:

  • Criteria for entry to training programme.
  • Criteria for entry to, and requirements of Accelerated Pathway to Fellowship (APF).
  • Assess and decide on applications to join the training programme.
  • Assign credit for prior leaning and experience (CPLE) to applicants.
  • Set exam (UCPEX).
  • Assess, appoint and review examiners.
  • Analyse UCPEX results and make pass / fail decisions.
  • Review examination conduct and effectiveness.
  • Set criteria for disciplinary actions for registrars and Fellows.
  • Implement disciplinary action when criteria met (in conjunction with EC, EdC and PSC).
  • Set criteria for removal from training programme.
  • Implement removal when criteria met, in conjunction with EdC.
  • Assess whether Fellowship criteria have been met prior to allocation of Fellowship.
  • Exit interviews.
  • Assess applications to rejoin the training programme, applying the rejoining policy for registrars (Training Manual).
  • Assess applications to rejoin the recertification programme, applying the rejoining policy for Fellows (Recertification Manual).
  • On MCNZ request, assist with applications to rejoin the branch register in urgent care.
  • On MCNZ request, assist with assessing equivalence of overseas training with RNZCUC Fellowship.

The BoC maintains the following policies:

  • Fellowship regulations
  • Training programme selection policy
  • Accelerated Pathway to Fellowship policy
  • CPLE (included in Training Manual)
  • Examination and examiner policy

Board of Censors

  • Jasmine MacKay (convenor)
  • Kelvin Ward
  • Stephen Adams