RNZCUC has a non-clinical recertification programme for those Fellows who no longer practice clinically (in any branch of medicine) and wish to retain their vocational scope in urgent care.


  • SAC should be with a peer
  • PDP requirement remains but may be focused on non UC items
  • Peer group activities continue
  • One clinical audit per year remains but no longer the mix of CNA/MSFS/option as per the main programme. The clinical audit is appropriate to the Fellow’s work.
  • The urgent care essential knowledge quiz must be completed annually
  • Annual CPD points should be 9
  • No resuscitation course requirement
  • No urgent care clinical hours requirement
  • No additional CPD points required for the triennium.

An up-to-date resuscitation course should be completed within 3 months of return to the main recertification pathway (this will be a full resus course if the previous full course was more than 2 years ago).

If the Fellow has been on the non-clinical pathway for more than three years, the Fellow:

  • Will require 6 months of supervision, with a supervisor report submitted to the College at the 6-month point.
  • Should submit and pass a clinical notes audit on return
  • Complete one MSFS within the first 6 months of return..
  • Will be required to have completed the NZRC Core Advanced resuscitation course within the year prior to return.
  • Additional return to scope requirements may be recommended by the Board of Censors.