There are three required papers: Paediatrics, clinical epidemiology, and registrar chosen (approved by RNZCUC).  The Education Committee is responsible for deciding which courses, papers, and qualifications meet the Fellowship ‘university paper’ criteria. It accepts a broad range of university papers, qualifications and courses, and some medical college courses and qualifications, including Fellowships.

This document lists some specific papers that are accepted, and some broad categories of papers, qualifications and courses from universities and medical Colleges that may be accepted. Registrars are encouraged to submit suggestions for courses of study for consideration.

Before committing to any university paper or equivalent, confirm with the Education Committee or Director of Clinical Training that it is acceptable.

Reimbursement of fees for HWNZ-funded registrars

Registrars apply, and pay for, the university papers themselves.  Once they have successfully completed the paper, they complete this document requesting reimbursement and send to the College along with relevant documentation (pass certificate and original GST invoice/receipt from the university paper).  On receipt of all necessary documentation, the College will reimburse the university paper fee (up to the HWNZ amounts allowed).