Fellows on the urgent care recertification programme and registrars on the training programme, complete:

  • every three years, an 8-hour, assessed, resuscitation course (NZRC CORE advanced course), and
  • in the intervening years, a 4-hour refresher course  (NZRC CORE skills course).

Note that the NZRC CORE immediate does NOT meet RNZCUC requirements.  A registrar or Fellow may choose any ACLS so long as they are NZRC accredited.

The courses listed below are accepted as an alternative to ACLS CORE Advanced. You should record them as a resuscitation course (8 hours) in UCCIS, uploading the certificate as supporting evidence.

  • ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)
  • APLS (Advanced Paediatric Life Support)
  • EMST (Early Management of Severe Trauma)
  • ELS (Emergency Life Support)
  • EMSB (Emergency Management of Severe Burns)
  • PALS (Paediatric Advanced Life Support)
  • PRIME (Primary Response In Medical Emergencies) – Full 5-day course
  • PRIME refresher – 1 day course

There are waivers for this requirement for instructors.

  • Instructors who are actively teaching the courses listed above may claim their teaching as an alternative to the refresher requirement.  They must complete the triennial CORE Advanced requirement unless currently certified with NZRC (see below).
  • NZRC ACLS instructors who remain certified with NZRC may claim their teaching as an alternative to all resuscitation requirements.

In all cases, the activity must be entered as completed in UCCIS. A record of courses delivered that year must be loaded as supporting documentation.