UCPEX 2020 is going ahead as planned (20 and 21 November).  This text box will remain and be updated with new information should the alert level change in the days prior.

Please check your emails for recent communications, including a confirmation of your venue for the written paper and your OSCE group.

Anyone attending the UCPEX 2020 is invited to view the coordinating information page. Ensure you click on the relevant tab at the top of the page.


The UCPEX examination is held on the second or third weekend of November each year.  The examination comprises a written paper and an OSCE (objective structured clinical examination).

Typically, the written exam takes place on the Friday afternoon, at Manukau Institute of Technology.  In 2020, it is being held in multiple locations in the morning.  Anyone taking it will have received a separate email containing details.

The OSCE takes place on the Saturday, at Manukau Super Clinic. We usually hold two OSCE on the same day.

    • The morning group should plan to arrive by 7.30am and to be allowed to leave by around 12 noon.
    • The afternoon group should plan to arrive by 11.30am, and to be allowed to leave by around 4pm.

The written paper comprises true/false, short-answer questions, and multiple-choice questions.  All questions derive from the Urgent Care Course material. The answers required are those given in the material supplied on the course.

The OSCE examination is intended to test candidates’ practical urgent care abilities and clinical skills.  The OSCE comprises a number of stations, each lasting about 7 minutes. You may be asked to examine a patient, demonstrate a technique, or to interpret an investigation, such as a test result, x-ray or ECG. There may be patients or patient actors present.  In 2020 patient interaction will be via zoom.

We have created general instructions for those seeking further guidance.

A clear pass in RNZCUC’s clinical notes audit is required before sitting.

The Board of Censors are responsible for the examination. An examination and examiner policy describes the policies and processes involved.  Results are typically shared to candidates within 10 working days of the exam.



Those attending the UCPEX (in any capacity) should read the administration instructions.

UCPEX Written 20 Nov 2020
UCPEX OSCE 21 Nov 2020

If you are required to complete this course you will receive an email invitation from us via Eventbrite.