This is a voluntary CPD activity.  It is a high-value activity and time spent on activities relating to the Regular Practice Review (RPR) count as double.

RPRis a supportive and collegial review of a doctor’s practice by a peer in the doctor’s usual practice setting.  The RPR is a quality improvement process designed to help maintain and improve the standards of the profession. It provides an assessment across the domains of competence outlined in Good Medical Practice and is informed by a portfolio of information provided by the doctor, which may include audit outcomes and logbooks.

An RPR consists of the following activities and is completed at the end of a triennial cycle.

  • An externally-provided MSFS
  • A Clinical Notes Audit – submitted to College
  • An audit of clinical practice contributing to cultural safety and health equity
  • A completed PDP
  • A practice visit incorporating an annual conversation, in-practice notes review, and observed consultation/practice.

An RPR will meet the following triennial requirements

  • All 3 audits
  • One SAC
  • The remaining triennial CPD requirement.

Doctor’s undergoing an RPR are still required, in the other years of their triennium, to complete:

  • The SAC and PDP review/update
  • Resuscitation refresher
  • Minimum of 5 educational points per annum.
  • Peer review group – 6 points per year

Doctors who wish to arrange an RPR should contact the College.  There will be additional costs for arranging the practice visit and the MSFS.

A Clinical Practice visit undertaken as part of other RNZCUC activities is considered equivalent to the RPR and as such is eligible for the same number of CPD points.