The College has designed the programme to be flexible, so you are able to start at any time and complete it on a part-time basis.

To gain Fellowship, other than where granted a credit, registrars will be required to:

  • Have four years and 3000 hours of approved clinical experience.
  • Complete the online Urgent Care Course.
  • Pass the exam (UCPEX), normally run once a year in November.
  • Complete PALS or APLS.
  • Complete a College-approved trauma course.
  • Complete a College-approved communications course.
  • Be assessed as competent in a range of skills.
  • Attend the Skills Demonstration and Assessment Weekend.
  • Attend specialist clinics.
  • Complete case studies.
  • Complete three university papers:
    • Clinical Epidemiology / Biostatistics
    • Paediatrics
    • Trainee selected (approved by College).
  • Complete research in urgent care and submit a paper to the College.
  • Fulfil ongoing CPD and supervision requirements.
  • Gain Board of Censors approval to exit the training programme and be awarded Fellowship.

Those wishing for further information should read (links):

Learning objectives

Fellowship regulations

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