6 case reviews must be submitted, and passed.  RNZCUC recommends that they are completed during the first 12 months of the training programme.  One case review is to be submitted for each of these six topics, in any order.

  • Acute Medical
  • Acute Surgical
  • Acute Orthopaedics
  • Acute Plastics
  • Acute Paediatrics
  • Communication

The case reviews are short.  The typical format is has a description of 250 words and a discussion of 400 words.  References should be included. Any variations from the requirement should first be discussed with the Director of Clinical Training, and the alternative approved prior to submission of the work.

Case studies should be emailed in pdf format to the Training Programme Coordinator – TPC (alex@rnzcuc.org.nz).  The TPC will allocate case studies to a marker who typically marks within 10 working days.  In some cases a second marker is asked to review the first marker’s scores.  The TPC will inform the registrar of the results once they have been received back.

Further information is available in this document.

Assignment instructions for anyone explicity instructed to complete the extended assignments are available here.