The following cases involve urgent care or facilities.

For CPD purposes, one CME point is available per case studied. The following summary should be kept for audit purposes:

  1.     the case number e.g. Case 01HDC02515
  2.     the clinical problem e.g. abdominal pain
  3.     the date of the HDC report e.g. 30 April 2003
  4.     points relevant to pre-hospital care learned from review of the case e.g. being wary of treating undiagnosed abdominal pain out of context of history and clinical findings, value of repeated abdominal examination, being wary of treating undiagnosed abdominal pain with narcotics.

September 2017 – Admission to ED of a patient who had signs of sepsis

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June 2015 – Wasp stings; adverse reaction to IV antihistamine – UC nurse
January 2015 – Nurse delay in calling ambulance – UC nurse
April 2015 – Shortness of breath – ED and med reg delays in assessment
June 2014 – Spinal cord injury discharged undiagnosed – ED SMO and consultant 
March 2014 – Undiagnosed rib fractures and AC sprain – ED MOSS
June 2013 – Delayed transfer of cerebral abscess – ED doctor and locum physician
January 2012 – Long term and acute managment of cashew allergy – GP and paediatrician (no breach)
October 2008 – Child dies suddenly from meningococcal disease
November 2009 – Busy junior medical registrar misses acute IHD in the ED; defective hospital systems
November 2008 – another missed subarachnoid haemorrhage.
August 2007 – MI following adrenaline for presumed anaphylaxis
November 2006 – ruptured tubo-ovarian abscess; triage
October 2006 – chest pain and MI in a 31 year old man; onset after drinking 4l of beer
November 2005 – chest pain and referral to rule out PE
October 2005 – Possible misdiagnosis of spider bite
June 2005 – Lack of examination and investigation of urinary and abdominal symptoms; inadequate record-keeping.
June 2005 – Delayed diagnosis of testicular torsion.
March 2005 – Rash erroneously attributed to codeine reaction when patient suffering from meningococcal disease.
August 2004 – meningococcal septicaemia in a child
May 2004 – Management of compression fracture of vertebra caused by dive into pool.
May 2004 – Emergency Department treatment of patient re-presenting with headache and subsequently diagnosed with subarachnoid haemorrhage.
May 2004 – Management of thigh injury that progressed to osteomyelitis; communication issues when patient had limited English.
May 2004 – meningococcal disease
May 2004 – missed cervical spine fracture with apparent shoulder injury
February 2004 – missed cervical spine fracture
September 2003 – missed MI
September 2003 – testicular torsion
April 2003 – Abdominal pain
March 2003 – deep venous thrombosis
January 2003 – subarachnoid haemorrhage
October 2002 – Angulated wrist fracture
September 2002 – Glass F/B in shin laceration
August 2002 – Ulcerative colitis
May 2002 – Missed ectopic pregnancy
April 2001 – Shoulder fracture in a child
February 2001 – Extradural haematoma; systems failure
May 2000 – Meningococcal disease
September 1998 – Diagnosis of spinal fracture
June 1998 – Lower limb fractures in a child
January 1998 – Fracture distal ulna