Medical Directors of accredited urgent care clinics are required to be current Fellows of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care.  The Urgent care Standard 2015 (UCS) allows for written dispensation (2.4.3) which must be sought from RNZCUC.

  • Individuals (ie the prospective medical director) or urgent care clinics (the employing organisation) should email when formally applying for such dispensation.
  • The application should include detailed responses to the following questions:
    • What attempts has the clinic made to date to identify and recruit a Medical Director who meets the UCS requirements of Section 2.4.3 (a) and/or (b)?
    • What are the qualifications and relevant experience of the applicant (an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae is the minimum required)?
    • Does the clinic currently employ or contract any other doctors who hold FRNZCUC? If yes, please explain in detail why the doctor(s) is not considered suitable for the role.
  • Should the prospective medical director be a registrar on the RNZCUC training programme, the College office will provide the following information to the Facility Audit Committee (FAC).
    • PGY
    • Training programme start date
    • Dates of any pause in completing the training programme
    • UCPEX results, including number of attempts and marks
    • Latest CNA results
    • Resuscitation information (full, refresher) dates
    • Training programme summary information
    • Training programme compliance history
    • Recent supervisor appraisals
    • Any information relating to competence, conduct, or health concerns that the College may be aware of.
  • The FAC will consider the information provided by the applicant and office, summarising it into one report, with a recommendation, to be presented to the Executive Committee (ExC). The ExC will endorse, or otherwise, the FAC recommendation.
  • The FAC will inform the clinic/applicant of the result of the ExC decision.  If approval is granted it may be subject to conditions on the medical director or clinic. The approval will have a limited duration.

If the clinic is currently approved as an Approved Training Facility (ATF) and the dispensation allows for a junior RNZCUC registrar to be the MD, the ATF status may be revoked.