The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a planning document that guides a doctor’s future CPD and educational activitiesIt is informed by the SAC, and completed shortly after.  It is a mandated requirement of the recertification programme.

The PDP template is offered for use, but doctors may use any form they wish, as long as it assists in planning relevant and appropriate activities. 

A PDP may take into account:  

  • Structured annual conversation 
  • Supervisor discussions  
  • Satisfying training programme requirements
  • Maintaining progress through the training programme towards Fellowship  
  • Ideas on how you can provide a cultural safe environment (personally or within your workplace)
  • Ideas on how you could contribute to improving health equity for all
  • Need to update clinical knowledge and skills  
  • The requirements of the employer  
  • Outcome of audits  
  • Patient feedback, complaints or incident reports  
  • Areas of practice in which a doctor feels uncomfortable  
  • Your health and wellbeing  
  • Life or career goals. 

The future information system for recording recertification activities will allow you to link the PDP, mandated requirements (annual and triennial), training programme requirements (for maintaining progress) for easier tracking of your activities for the year and triennium.