The College is an incorporated society.  You automatically become a full member of the society if you are participating in the training or recertification programmes.  Full financial members can stand for the Executive Committee and have voting rights at AGM and SGM. The membership fee covers membership of the society and all services offered to those on the programmes.  You may opt out by emailing  Instead of a membership fee, you are charged a service provision fee, which is the same as the membership fee.

The membership fee is updated annually at the AGM in March.  The membership fee approved at the last AGM is $1230 (GST excl).

Membership invoices are issued in early April and are due for payment within one month. Those who do not pay the membership fee by 30 June will be deemed to have chosen to cease College membership.  At this point, accreditation or recertification services are revoked and MCNZ informed.

Membership fees are pro-rated for those joining (or re-joining) the College part-way through the year.

Refunds when pausing or cancelling membership

We will issue a pro-rated credit note when membership is put on hold for more than 6 months, or when you wish to cancel your membership completely.

If you inform us around membership renewal time that you plan to put your membership on hold (for example, informing us in April that you intend to pause recertification at the start of July), we will issue a pro-rated invoice for the months that you are active (eg for the previous example, 3 months covering April, May, June).

Anyone who has not settled their membership invoice by 31 July, who subsequently informs the College that they wish to cancel or put their recertification/training on hold for more than 6 months will receive a pro-rated invoice for the months April to the date we received notification of the pause or cancellation. Registrars should also read the page on pausing training, and Fellows the page on pausing recertification.