The College is a society with around 400 full members.  Society rules are available online, along with governance policies and procedures.  Management of all College affairs is vested in the Executive Committee (ExC), made up of full members who have volunteered to support the College.

Effective delegation of projects or key tasks to a subcommittee allows the Executive Committee to manage large numbers of projects within agreed frameworks.  In addition to the Executive Committee, the College has several standing subcommittees:

  • Board of Censors
  • Education Committee
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • Facilities Audit Subcommittee
  • Australian Faculty Subcommittee
  • Policy Committee

Typically, the convenor of these subcommittees is a member of the ExC, but this is not always so.  Members of the subcommittees are made up of ExC members and others.  Anyone wishing to stand on the subcommittees is invited to inform the College before the AGM.

All committee members are remunerated for their time in line with the fees, allowances and travel policy.

There are two director positions; a Director of Clinical Training and a Director of Professional Development.  A small team of full-time staff support the functions of the college.