Being a supervisor is an excellent way of giving back to the College, supporting registrars as they progress through the training programme, and developing registrars’ clinical and professional skills. The supervision requirements, processes, delivery, and criteria are described in the supervision policy.

Supervisors are:

  • Mentors, offering advice and ideas and sharing their knowledge of the training programme.
  • Coaches, encouraging and challenging the registrar to develop.
  • Trainers, passing on clinical skills.
  • Role models, demonstrating professionalism.
  • Assessors, providing feedback to the registrar and the College on the registrar’s performance.

You’ll be approved to supervise by the Professional Standards Committee. If you are not already approved as a supervisor, before you agree to supervise a registrar you must submit the approved supervisor application form.

Those who hold a Fellowship in urgent care will be on one of the recertification programmes. Should you pause your recertification for longer than six months, you lose your approved to supervise status and will need to reapply to be approved as a supervisor when you return to the programme and wish to supervise. 

As a supervisor, you’ll oversee the registrar’s performance and report back to the College four times per year using the quarterly appraisal form (the registrar is responsible for the administrative aspects of loading this and completing any relevant data fields in UCCIS. We will provide access to the registrar’s training programme summary in UCCIS.  We anticipate that you would also coach the registrar if there are challenges in completing the required training programme components so that they progress through the programme at an optimal rate.

You might also be asked to confirm the facility meets the requirements of an approved training facility and advocate for a good training environment. The registrar will also ask for you to assess them in their competence in a range of core skills.

Training and support

RNZCUC provides a range of training and support:

  • Online training for supervisors, available here (you will need to log in to view). These are short videos created by Connect Communications.  Once you have viewed them, complete the supervisor stage 1 quiz, and upload the certificate to your UCCIS CPD record.
  • One-on-one orientation from the Director of Professional Development to the College’s requirements and supervision policy.
  • A supervisor peer group, meeting quarterly to discuss supervision challenges (anonymised case studies).
  • Immediate support to you (and the registrar if necessary) for when incidents crop up that you cannot manage locally.
  • There is an online interactive stage two supervisor training workshop provided by Connect Communications. We hold this once or twice per year.  Approved supervisors need to complete this training at their earliest convenience.
  • There is a Supervisor CPD Page which collates CPD opportunities and material relevant to urgent care.