Supervisors and potential supervisors should read the Supervisor Policy for a full description of the supervision requirements.

As a supervisor you’ll have several roles:

  • Mentor, offering advice and ideas and sharing their knowledge of the training programme.
  • Coach, encouraging and challenging the registrar to develop.
  • Trainer, passing on clinical skills.
  • Role model, demonstrating professionalism.
  • Assessor, providing feedback to the registrar and the College on the registrar’s performance and assessing skills listed in the Core Skills List.

RNZCUC is arranging online, and possible workshop-based, training for those supervisors who have not received formal training in supervision.  The training will not be onerous, and will contribute to your overall skills.

You’ll be an RNZCUC Fellow (or with Board of Censors approval, an ED or RHM Fellow, or rarely a senior registrar or Fellow of another college), complying with the RNZCUC recertification programme, normally working with the registrar, and able to meet the responsibilities of a supervisor defined in the supervisor policy. In brief, you’ll be able to:

  • Oversee the registrar’s performance (or arrange for another suitably experienced person to do this).
  • Agree to supervise, and able to access ePortfolio to monitor the registrar’s progress through the training programme, including being able to add comments and feedback. You might also be asked to confirm the facility meets the requirements of an approved training facility.
  • Conduct at least 6 formal face-to-face one-on-one meetings (vc is permitted) totalling at least six hours per year.
  • Check competence on skills listed in the core skills list.