UCCIS tutorials (guides coming soon)

Tutorial 31 Mar recording available here.

Tutorial 12 Apr recording available here.

Tutorial 27 Jun recording available here.

There is also a quick guide to explain what you’re seeing on the CPD plan screen. (Note, this is slightly out of date and will be updated soon).

Urgent Care Course

How to access – Urgent Care Course

How to reset password – Urgent Care Course


How to login to ECGWeekly

How to reset password – ECGWeekly

HWNZ and scholarship funds

HWNZ Funds (including applying for an exemption from HWNZ criteria)

Fees and invoices for non-HWNZ funded registrars

College scholarship funds (to offset costs of training programme completion for those not otherwise funded)

Request for reimbursement of cost of courses paid for by HWNZ-funded registrars (applies to PALS, communications course, trauma course, university papers)

RNZCUC Website

How to login to rnzcuc.org.nz

How to reset password – for rnzcuc.org.nz 

How to update your information on RNZCUC website

First time login to rnzcuc.org.nz