The essential knowledge quiz (EKQ) is an interactive online quiz designed to encourage familiarity with the domains of competence as described in Good medical practice, Medical Council statements, and RNZCUC policies and statements. The quiz may also help identify areas of knowledge or professional skills that the doctor may wish to develop further.  It is an ‘open book’ formative assessment (i.e. ‘for learning’) and not a pass/fail test.

The quiz has been developed to a moderate level of difficulty so it is unlikely that most doctors will be able to answer all questions correctly on the first attempt.  It will be updated annually and kept current and relevant.  Researching answers is encouraged and links to useful resources are provided for all questions.

To complete the quiz, the doctor must correctly answer all questions. If you fail to get 100% on your first try, review the answers and the links supplied and then retake the test. Once you have achieved 100%, upload your confirmation email to your CPD record in UCCIS.  In time, the quiz will automatically update your CPD record but for now please enter the activity in UCCIS and upload the email.

Click on these links to complete the different EKQ that are available.  Complete one each year and do not repeat a quiz you have already done in previous years.

  • EKQ 1 (created July 2021)
  • EKQ 2 (created December 2022)
  • EKQ 3 (created October 2023)