The Urgent Care Course (UCC) is a one-year course which prepares RNZCUC registrars for the primary examination UCPEX. The UCC and UCPEX are both part of the urgent care training programme, and compulsory for RNZCUC Fellowship.  The UCC is hosted by the Goodfellow Unit of the University of Auckland.

  • If you do not have a Goodfellow account, set up your account here:
  • Once logged in, click on the icon at the top right (account icon), and select “my courses”
  • Enter the package code provided in your email.

The material is regularly reviewed and updated, with the latest major update being completed in 2020.  Registrars will be updated via the newsletter on which modules have been updated.

The aims of these online e-learning modules are:

  • To give doctors the knowledge, skills and attitudes to safely practise urgent care in a supervised setting.
  • To provide reference material for self-directed learning.
  • To emphasize certain attitudes:
      • Recognition of one’s limitations.
      • Knowing when to call for help.
      • To reassess current practice in the light of latest knowledge.

The online modules are listed below:

  • 1: Medicine
  • 2: Orthopaedics
  • 3: Plastic Surgery
  • 4: Surgery/Urology
  • 5: Paediatrics
  • 6: Ophthalmology
  • 7: ENT
  • 8: O&G/Sexual health
  • 9: Toxicology
  • 10: Psychiatry
  • 11: Environmental
  • 12: Trauma
  • 13: Miscellaneous
  • 14: Radiology
  • 15: Academic integrity
  • Red Rash module is accessible via learning modules provided by Goodfellow Unit.

Quizzes are being added to each module to aid learning and confirm completion.