We are experiencing very high demand from overseas doctors, and have paused processing of any expressions of interest or applications from those based overseas. If you submit the eligibility/EOI form (linked below), there will be a delay in responding other than an acknowledgement if you are not based in NZ.

Doctors with significant experience and training in urgent care or emergency medicine may be eligible for the Accelerated Pathway to Fellowship (APF).  These doctors will be registered with MCNZ or with a registration body in a comparable health system.

This pathway is typically for those with emergency medicine training. Further details are available in the APF policy.

In all cases, entry to the programme via this pathway is subject to a Board of Censors review of qualifications, experience, and standing.

  1. The first step is to check you are eligible using this form, which also constitutes an expression of interest. You may also email the Director of Clinical Training (david.sorrell@rnzcuc.org.nz) to discuss this pathway.
  2. Once we confirm you are eligible to join the programme, we ask you to provide additional information and apply for the accelerated pathway to Fellowship (we will send you the application form).  
  3. The College then works with you to complete any final checks to confirm that you are eligible for the accelerated pathway, and identify any gaps in knowledge which form part of the individualised training and assessment programme (ITAP).
  4. The College offers you a place on the APF.
  5. Before commencing the APF, the following need to be in place:
    • You have accepted the offer of a place and a start date that is within three months of the offer.
    • You have a supervisor, approved by the College, who is able to provide supervision that satisfies the supervision requirements.
    • You are working in an approved training facility.


From 1 July 2022, an application fee of NZ$500 applies. The fee covers part of the costs the College incurs in assessing your application, developing your ITAP, reviewing any application from your workplace to be considered an RNZCUC-approved training facility, and assisting you in finding an appropriate supervisor and peer group.  Payment of the application fee is non-refundable once we have started reviewing your application and does not guarantee entry to the programme.

After commencing the programme, a College membership fee applies. Please read the information on the Membership, subscriptions, and fees page.

Each element of the training programme (including the collegial practice visit which occurs just prior to exiting from your ITAP) accrues a charge. We will invoice you for any training programme elements completed (when provided by the College).  The costs are listed in the Training Programme costs document.

If you are registered and practising in Aotearoa New Zealand, you may be eligible for health workforce funding.