RNZCUC has developed standards for community-based urgent care clinics in New Zealand, known as the ‘Urgent Care Standard‘ (UCS). The UCS covers all a facility’s important operational aspects. RNZCUC developed the UCS to criteria set by an internationally-recognised Standards authority, JAS-ANZ.  JAS-ANZ accreditation was granted in September 2016.

Particular requirements

The UCS was introduced in 2000 and substantially reviewed in 2015.    It contains Particular Requirements, which provide the RNZCUC guidance to the standards and statements set out in the UCS. RNZCUC review Particular Requirements annually, or earlier if needed; for example, because of a change in legislation, or feedback from the auditing bodies or accredited clinics. RNZCUC provide additional interpretations of, and guidance to, the particular requirements. Both the particular requirements and additional interpretations are collated in one cross-referencing document.

The Facility Audit Committee will circulate proposed variations of Particular Requirements to the auditing bodies and interested parties for comment. After one month, the subcommittee will consider all comments, and make changes it deems necessary. RNZCUC will then publish the change on its website, along with the date from which the change takes effect, and will promptly notify interested parties, including clinics that are accredited or seeking accreditation, and clinic auditors.