Senior registrars should be able to read and absorb medical literature, and carry out research in a subject of some relevance to their clinical practice. From 1 February 2020, registrars may complete either a medical literature project (MLP) or the University of Auckland’s POPLHLTH 701 Research Methods in Health*. Registrars who fail the MLP may either repeat the MLP or attempt POPLHLTH 701*.  Registrars who fail POPLHLTH701* and fail the MLP twice will be referred to the Board of Censors with a view to removal from the training programme.

Medical Literature Project

Those considering the MLP should read the instructions carefully, and submit an outline of the proposed paper to the Education Committee for approval before writing a draft.  Outlines, drafts, and final papers should be emailed to  Marks are not provided to those who pass; the markers complete the marking schedules once the EdC has confirmed that the paper has failed to achieve the required standard.

Please review exemplars of completed MLP on the research page of the website. We will ask authors of MLP that have received a pass mark if we can publish the paper on that page.


Those who complete the POPLHLTH 701* must complete a different paper to satisfy the ‘optional paper’ requirement for university papers. Those who completed POPLHLTH701 before starting the training programme, or as the optional university paper while completing the training programme, must complete the MLP.  HWNZ funds may be used to cover the cost of completing this paper.

Other option

Registrars may apply to the EdC to consider and approve alternative papers, courses, or qualifications in place of POPLHLTH701.


Instructions for anyone explicity instructed to complete the extended assignments (typicall registrars who joined prior to 2015) are available here.