All doctors are required to complete ongoing professional development activities. Fellows of RNZCUC wishing to maintain their vocational scope of urgent care complete the RNZCUC recertification programme.  The RNZCUC professional development programe (for registrars and Fellows) covers a three-year cycle of activities.

  • Maintain a Professional Development Plan (PDP).  This is updated with goals for the next year/few years, how you intend to achieve that goal, the outcome of that action, and any reflection on having completed that goal.
  • Complete Continuing Medical Education (CME).  You should gain CME 60 points over a triennium, which averages out to 20 points per annum.  One point equates to one hour of activity, but note that RNZCUC awards points for worshops and conferences up to a maximum of 6 points per day.
  • Peer review.  You should gain a minimum of 10 points per year, and over a triennium a minimum of 30 points.  Peer review groups will be discussing cases applicable to urgent care. One hour of peer review equates to one point.
  • Clinical hours in urgent care. Fellows should complete 600 hours in urgent care over the triennium.  Registrars should complete 400 hours in urgent care per annum.
  • Resuscitation.  Fellows and registrars complete a resuscitation course annually.  Registrars are to complete a full ACLS in their first year of the training programme (unless granted CPLE).  RNZCUC recommends completing resuscitation courses most appropriate to your clinical practice.  The minimum requirement for ongoing resuscitation is an annual refresher, though RNZCUC recommends a full resuscitation course every three years.
  • Clinical Audits. One clinical audit is required annually.  The RNZCUC pattern for clinical audits is:
    • Clinical Notes Audit (CNA).  Registrars are to complete one within three months of commencing the training programme. Thereafter, Fellows and registrars are to complete a CNA every three years (unless granted dispensation).
    • Patient Satisfaction Survey (PSS).  Registrars are to complete one within twelve months of commencing the training programme. Fellows and registrars are to complete a PSS every three years.
    • RNZCUC-approved optional audit. One every three years. There are several pre-approved ‘optional’ audits.  Doctors may also request that alternatives be approved as their ‘optional’ audit.

CPD is recorded on ePortfolio.  Doctors are reminded to load supporting documentation to support their record of professional activities.