The office use the UCCIS monitor status colour to help us track whether we (or you) need to carry out certain activities related to your UCCIS profile or TPS/CPD records.  On your TPS/CPD plan details tab, there’s a little more information, including why we’ve set that colour, and a date for checking progress.

In brief, the colours, and what they mean are:

  • Green – all good
  • Yellow – we need something from you, or we’ve noted a minor action required at some point
  • Blue – we need to do something for you or your profile information
  • Orange – behind on compliance
  • Red – severely behind on compliance
  • Purple – additional oversight required

See below for a fuller description, and what you need to do or expect.

Green – The last time we checked your CPD or TPS records, you appeared to be up to date and satisfying your programme requirements.  You’d entered any relevant reflections and changes to practice you plan to incorporate.  You’d loaded all relevant supporting documentation to support your recorded activities.

Yellow – There is something we are waiting on from you, or we have noted something minor related to your CPD/TPS (which in due course will need following up). Examples might be a supervisor agreement, a certificate to support a claim for RPL, a completion certificate for a CPD item that we’ve locked, and so on.

Blue – There’s something that we have to do for you. Examples may be a letter of compliance that needs completing in a couple of months’ time, a planned change to the recertification pathway, and so on.

Orange – Based on what is visible in UCCIS, you are behind with completing items or loading them into your CPD/TPS record, or you haven’t loaded evidence to support your recorded activities. For Fellows, this refers to annual or triennial requirements of your recertification programme. For registrars, this applies to your annual requirements and also to your training programme requirements. 
We let you know you’re behind and ask that you resolve all issues within 3 months or develop a plan with the DCT/DPD to complete the activities within a reasonable timeframe. The monitor check notes will be visible to you and give an indication of the reason why we have changed your monitor status colour to orange. The monitor check date shows when we will return to check your UCCIS records.
The other reason for having monitor status changed to orange is when you were previously significantly behind (see ‘red’ below) but now have an agreed plan to catch up. Please note that if we find that you’re not sticking to your plan, we immediately classify you as no longer complying with programme requirements, change your monitor status back to red, and follow up.
Once you record completion of all outstanding activities (to the satisfaction of DPD/DCT), we change the monitor status to the appropriate colour.

Red – You were previously classified as ‘orange’ and we’re checking again. This typically happens three months after we’ve informed you that you need to act. You need to complete overdue activities immediately and record this to UCCIS, or to develop a plan and have it agreed with the College.
Our experience is that the Fellow/registrar who has not taken action has also failed to respond to any communications.  Before classifying you as non-compliant, we will attempt to call the mobile number you provide us, leaving a message if we have to.
We notify you, MCNZ, and EdC and supervisors (registrars) or PSC (Fellows) that you are not complying with the programme requirements.  At this point, you are no longer “in good standing” with the College.  This remains until we inform you that you and MCNZ that you are complying with requirements. In the worst case he PSC/EdC may request the Board of Censors to remove you from the College.
When an agreed plan is developed we inform MCNZ that you are now complying with programme requirements, change your monitor status to orange, and regularly check that activities are being completed as per the plan. If you complete and record all outstanding activities, we change the monitor status to the appropriate colour and inform the relevant people that are complying.

Purple – We have identified that we need to conduct additional oversight on your UCCIS CPD/TPS. This typically happens when the DCT or DPD classify you as under or poorly performing according to policy or you have been awarded dispensation to be an approved supervisor or MD of an urgent care clinic. Criteria for poorly performing registrars are clearly laid out in the Registrar Performance Policy.  Similar criteria for Fellows are in the Fellows’ Performance Policy.
The office monitors your ongoing progress and any additional requirements stipulated by BoC, EdC, or PSC. Additionally, the EdC may require registrars that you update your UCCIS TPS to show when you plan to complete training programme activities.
The planning functionality is available to everyone. When you enter planned completion dates the icon in the progress tracker (top sections) and timeline appear yellow. Thus by entering planned dates for all activities you are required to do, you can develop a programme completion plan. We recommend everyone consider its use to plan their programme activities.