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The Urgent Care College Information System (UCCIS) will be an overarching information system providing (or linking) all of the IT and IS the College uses. This will greatly improve ease of use for members, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the College adminstration.

Please note that UCCIS is being built in phases. Currently the CRM (the part to manage your profile information) and most of the CPD (the part to manage your recertification or annual requirements) are available for use, and the CPD phase itself is being built in sub-phases. The CPD phase replaces ePortfolio. Future phases cover the training programme, supervision, application process, event management, learning resources, facility endorsement, and more.  UCCIS will evolve over time as we realise the benefits that an integrated system provides the College and members.

Once you’re logged in, please feel free to:

  • Review the information we’ve put into your profile.  If there is anything incorrect you should be able to edit (the edit button is top right).  Some fields are for editable by the admin team only; if you are unable to edit something please let us know.  The ‘update’ button, after editing, is at the bottom right of the edit screen.
  • Look at the CPD module, which shows the triennial/annual requirements.  Depending on where you are in your triennium, you’ll see 2 or 3 years (as tabs), one of which may be locked. We’ll use the locked year to manually manage previously completed triennial requirements that we know of.
  • The CPD requirements can be viewed as a timeline or written plan.  There are buttons to toggle between the two views.  The CPD plan shows your planned and completed activities.  We’ve set up templates for most of the new recertification pathways, each of which are subtly different. More detailed instructions will follow, but for now we’ve created a quick guide to explain what you’re seeing on this screen. Registrars can see one for their screen here.
  • You will be able to record completion of ‘activities’ and match them against the requirements.
  • You may see ‘required’ activities (shown with a circle around them, and in colour at the top of the screen).  These are items missing from previous CPD period and should be attended to promptly.
  • You may also load your professional development plan (PDP) by adding ‘goals’ and ‘actions’ to achieve the goals.  When you subsequently record completion of an ‘activity’, you can match it to a ‘goal’, a ‘requirement’, or both. Currently you can’t load any paper version of your PDP but it’s a feature we’re working on.
  • You can record planned ‘activities’ – ie when you plan to complete something. These will show grey in the CPD timeline.
  • In UCCIS, we don’t tell Fellows which audit type you must complete this year (unless it was overdue). Instead, we show you what types of audits have been completed so far in this triennium, and what’s left to complete. You may choose the order, as long as all three different types are completed. (Year one/two registrars WILL be told which audit to complete as part of training programme requirements).
  • UCCIS (on the most part) automatically matches items to requirements, including a feature that spills over activities in excess of the current year’s requirements onto the triennial CPD (60 hours) requirement. Registrars don’t need to complete the additional CPD requirement as ongoing completion of the training programme satisfies this requirement.

Features and functions coming soon as part of the CRM/CPD

UCCIS is being built in phases.

  • Guides, instructions, and webinars to explain how to use UCCIS.
  • Peer group function, which allows you to become part of a peer group (within UCCIS). Once complete, minutes loaded by the peer group coordinator will automatically link the meeting to the CPD record of everyone in the group who attended.
  • Providing you the option to allocate clinical hours to previously declared workplaces, or alternatively, letting you update your declared workplaces based on where you are claiming clinical hours.
  • A means to record the Structured Annual Conversation (SAC) within UCCIS.  The aim is to provide at least the form for the person guiding you through your SAC, to confirm that the SAC elements have been covered.
  • College-organised CPD events will be loaded automatically for those who attended.
  • Training programme and supervisor management

The next significant phase will cover the management of the training programme.  This will allow:

  • Registrars to see their training programme requirements (likely to be in the same form as the CPD requirements, and on the same timeline view).
  • Any centrally managed courses you complete will be loaded as an activity for you.
  • A link with your Approved Supervisor, which allows your nominated Supervisor view access to your training programme progress. This will also provide a function to record meetings and actions that result from those meetings.
  • Loading and marking of assignments (case studies and MLP) will be within UCCIS.
  • Further enhancements to facilities management (especially approved training facilities) and the management of our Approved Supervisors.

Future phases

There will be future phases that integrate learning resources, facilities, application process, reporting, and more.  Examples include:

  • One login username and password to access all current platforms (UCC, learning resources, profile management, CPD, training programme, supervision, etc).
  • The online urgent care course will be embedded within UCCIS so that when you complete a module and its quizzes, that will be recorded as a completed activity in the training programme or CPD record.  The material itself can be updated in a more timely manner and we will start to create more dynamic learning opportunities within the course.
  • Any College-provided learning resource, such as the essentials quiz, once completed by a user, will update the CPD or learning record automatically.
  • We’ll link events and invoicing, membership and invoicing, etc. It may not be totally ‘seamless’ but will be easier and simpler to understand and use for all.
  • The ability to form specialist groups, based on special interests or education.
  • Using your summarised profile and CPD/training information, we’ll have data to support College strategies and decisions, and make improvements to the training programme, Fellow training, and the recertification programmes.

If you notice profile information or CPD information which is incorrect, and you cannot edit it yourself, please email either Alex (registrars) or Claire (Fellows). If you notice any errors with your information, or discover a ‘bug’ when the system crashes, please advise Finn (finlay@rnzcuc.org.nz) . Please provide a description of what you were trying to do if a bug is discovered.