COVID-19 Safety Pledge

The COVID-19 Safety Pledge ( initiative was launched to help and encourage businesses and organisations to protect their staff from COVID-19 as well as other airborne illness. We encourage readers to visit the site and consider signing up to the pledge.

Maternal Birth Injury Cover

In the coming days, Parliament will undertake the final reading of an amendment to our legislation. This expands accident cover to include certain maternal birth injuries experienced during labour and childbirth from 12.00am on 1 October 2022.

This is a significant change for ACC, but more importantly represents a positive step for the health of birthing parents and improving equity of access to the Accident Compensation scheme. This change means those with a covered maternal birth injury will be eligible for ACC-funded support, treatment, and care to help them in their recovery.

In preparation for this, our focus has been to make sure health practitioners across the motu can begin lodging claims from 1 October and our systems and people are ready to process them.


The Urgent Care College Information System (UCCIS) will be an overarching information system providing (or linking) all of the IT and IS the College uses. This will greatly improve ease of use for members, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the College adminstration. UCCIS is being built in phases. UCCIS will evolve further over…

Paracetamol versus ibuprofen – What to do with the hot infant on Monday?

This publication is a summary of the RNZCUC sponsored session: The use of paracetamol and ibuprofen in young infants from the 2022 Goodfellow Symposium. Professor Stuart Dalziel, University of Auckland and Starship Children’s Hospital, delivered guidance on the management of pain and distress in febrile infants. He also provided a comprehensive head-to-head review on the…

Incorporation of lean methodology into the delivery of clinical training of advance nurse practitioners in urgent care

Author: Dr Ivan Koay
Type: Other research
Date: September 2022
Abstract: This pilot study was designed to investigate the ability of incorporating lean methodology into the delivery of medical education. The project worked within the academic remits of the University College Dublin (UCD), Master’s in Advanced Practice (Nursing) program, which provided the academic rigor for the project. Practical and procedural skills were taught based on an adapted version of the RNZCUC’s core skills list (CSL)