ACC Innovation fund

The ACC innovation fund is new for ACC and is a response to the array of good ideas we have had raised with us.
Our 2021/2022 Innovation Fund is here and we’re looking to partner with health innovators that have great ideas to help injured people recover faster.

We have up to $100,000 (ex GST) for innovative health services initiatives that will help improve outcomes and experiences for people recovering from injury.

Christmas in Urgent Care – Part Four – Die Hard – with Dr Zoë Cruse

Our fourth Urgent Care at Christmas discussion is inspired by a film that changed modern action thrillers and bucked the trend of action heroes being muscle-bound giants. Die Hard has long been considered a Christmas classic but the reason it has made our urgent care list is that it shows a common and very painful presentation to urgent care. The glass foreign body in the foot. To talk about the Welsh tradition of Mari Lwyd, singing carols, Alan Rickman and the pain of injecting the sole of the foot we are joined by Dr Zoë Cruse.