Urgent Bite 27 – Facial wounds – featuring Professor Bruce Arroll

Welcome to this week’s Urgent Bite. Wound management is a big part of Urgent Care and facial wounds add some extra issues for consideration. What are your experiences with facial wounds and what rules to you personally practice by with regards to when to refer for specialist input? We will discuss this issue in a future main episode of the podcast so your input will help develop the discussion. Pop over to Facebook or send us an email.

Episode 9 – Bees, Knees, Squeeze and Wee(s)

Welcome to Episode 9 of the official podcast of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care. Today I am joined by Dr Dave Sorrell to look back at recent Urgent Bites regarding Segond fractures, the Simmonds/Thompson test and using Antibiotics for UTI in the Elderly. We also look at an interesting case of sub tarsal foreign body, talk about why kids are swallowing more foreign bodies than they used to and we talk about how the Junior Doctor Strikes affect Urgent Care. We are then joined by Dr Afrax Adams to look at some college news including the upcoming Urgent Care Boot Camp.

Episode 8 – Pulmonary Embolism, Chest pain and Head Injury – A Discussion with Dr John Bonning

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Official Podcast of the Royal NZ College of Urgent Care. This episode was recorded live at the Goodfellow Symposium and is a discussion with Emergency Medicine Specialist and President Elect of the ACEM – Dr John Bonning. Together with Dr Dave Sorrell (DCT for RNZCUC) we discuss investigating Pulmonary Embolism, Chest Pain and Head injury.