Fellows and registrars are to attend a resuscitation course each year that meets the minimum requirements for resuscitation.

A course that meets the minimum requirements will be at least four hours in duration and include assessment.  However, RNZCUC strongly recommends one eight-hour course per triennium, and that doctors substitute one of the four-hour courses for an alternative resuscitation course as their particular practice might require – e.g. APLS for those who work in a paediatric emergency department.

Registrars and Fellows may choose an ALS provider themselves as long as the minimum requirements are metRNZCUC recommends an NZRC CORE Skills course as a four-hour refresher, and CORE Advanced as an eight-hour course. The CORE immediate does NOT meet RNZCUC requirements.

An ALS provider does not have accreditation with NZRC would have to apply to RNZCUC for approval as an urgent care resuscitation course provider.

Visit the NZRC website for a list of accredited providers.