RNZCUC requirements for resuscitation courses

RNZCUC requires that registrars complete a ‘full’ RNZCUC-approved resuscitation course in year one of training, or have received credit for prior learning having completed an equivalent course within the five years prior to joining. Approved courses will typically be a full day or two days in length, include the components listed below.

RNZCUC requires registrars and Fellows to complete an RNZCUC-approved refresher course, lasting at least four hours, each year of the three-year cycle.  RNZCUC recommends that registrars and Fellows complete a ‘full’ course every three years.

Endorsement of resuscitation courses

To assist our members find appropriate courses, RNZCUC provides a list of approved resuscitation courses.  Please provide the details below so that we may endorse your course.

All applications must be received 4 weeks prior to your programme’s scheduled commencement date.