Fellows – a minimum of 600 approved urgent care hours per 3-year cycle.  Registrars – a minimum of 400 approved urgent care hours per annum.

The criteria of what consitutes applicable urgent care hours are described below.  Clinical hours should be recorded in ePortfolio.  Record the facility and dates as well as hours worked in urgent care at that facility.


Facilities approved for urgent care hours – Fellows

Hours completed in the following are approved in full:

  1. RNZCUC approved training facilities
  2. Urgent care clinics accredited to the urgent care standard
  3. Other RNZCUC-approved urgent care clinics (link to follow)
  4. Emergency departments.


  • Fellows working in a facility offering urgent care that is not already approved should complete this form, and contact the Director of Professional Development who will ask RNZCUC’s Facility Audit Subcommittee to consider approving the facility.
  • If the facility does not cover the full spectrum of urgent care patients and conditions (for example, an adults-only emergency department, or an urgent care facility that does not see infants), Fellows must inform the Director of Professional Development who may, on behalf of the Professional Standards Committee, prescribe additional hours in the deficient area.


Facilities approved for urgent care hours – registrars

Hours completed in approved training facilities are approved in full.

If the registrar wishes to claim clinical hours worked in any other facility, they should complete this form, and contact the Director of Clinical Training who will ask the FAS to approve the facility.  Registrars working in RNZCUC-approved urgent care clinics that are NOT approved as training facilities may be able to claim some clinical hours but you MUST gain Director of Clinical Training approval beforehand.

Registrars should note that the Fellowship Regulations stipulate that:

  • The first 1000 hours of approved experience must be worked with direct on-site supervision from a Fellow or RNZCUC-approved equivalent in the branch in which the experience is being obtained.
  • For Fellowship purposes, there are maximum number of hours allowed in different types of facilities, and a minimum of 1,500 hours must be worked in a fully-approved urgent care facility or emergency department, as defined above, and while a member of the RNZCUC urgent care training programme.

Registrars should read the Fellowship Regulations for full information about the criteria for acceptance of hours for Fellowship.



Recognition of alternative clinical experience for recertification

Some vocationally registered urgent care physicians provide services from a facility that does not quite meet the approved facility criteria. An example would be doctors practising in the armed forces. RNZCUC feels that it is in the best interests of the public that such physicians be able to maintain vocational registration in urgent care.

Accordingly, RNZCUC will recognise a maximum of 100 hours per annum of such work towards the hours needed for urgent care recertification, subject to the following conditions:

1) A biennial log of one week’s consecutive patients and diagnoses be kept.
2) That information on hours of opening hours and accessibility to x-ray be provided.
3) That there is no other vocational branch that provides training and recertification that more closely addresses the services provided.
4) Approval by the Medical Council.