Abdominal pain quiz

Welcome to your Abdominal pain quiz Email Name 1. An 81-year-old diabetic woman with a history of atrial fibrillation is brought to your Urgent Care clinic . She is complaining of abdominal pain, having already vomited once. Her vital signs in the ED are temperature 37.3oC, blood pressure (BP) 105/75 mm Hg, heart rate (HR)…

Fellowship ceremony and dinner

Following on from the Boot Camp is our Fellowship ceremony and dinner. Celebrate those who have achieved their Fellowship in the last year, and the progress the College is making. Gather for cocktails at 7.30pm, with dinner commencing at 8.30pm. Dress for the dinner is black tie (and equivalent for ladies), and we’ll have a professional photographer on hand to capture you in your finery!

Communication and history taking. It is sometimes important

Communication and history taking.

Communication and history taking. It is sometimes important to go back to basics. For me it is 29 years since I learnt to take a history. Do you remember when as a student you took a history and the registrar or consultant walked in and got a better history in 10 seconds?

Australian Medical Council expression of interest to join Progress Reports subcommittee

The AMC is inviting expressions of interest in the membership of its Progress Reports Sub Committee with positions for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander member, a Māori member, and a member experienced in medical education. The position descriptions, expected time commitment, information about the Sub Committee and application process are detailed in the attached documents.