At 3:30am in emergency overnight,
You got a seriously worrisome fright.
That harsh sound whooshing through the chest,
Try hide your concern, you say “It’s for the best”.
Is it innocent or the beginning of the end,
Go back to the basics they’re your best friend.

Horton’s distraught, his heart is fraught.
Stress fills his tired mind, luckily he left his steth behind.
Numbers and statistics running through his head,
But he stood still watching the child from the end of his bed.
By 9am poor old Horton, more dead than alive,
Had picked, searched and listened to more than 9005

Examination is a dynamic process they say,
Watching the kid run this and that way.
See them feed, sleep, run, jump and cry,
Do some special tests before you say goodbye.
A person’s a person no matter how small
It’s the real story that captures us all.

A murmur’s just a murmur no matter how loud
I’ve learnt my lessons and I’m so proud.
This child is healthy and safe because we cared
Cardiac fellowship awaits because I dared.

Paediatric Murmurs: Ari Horton at DFTB18

Ari Horton is many things – an advocate for kindness, a Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef and, just very occasionally, a paediatric cardiologist. Andrew Tagg ….