It is possible to put training on hold for significant events.  Registrars should communicate with the Training Programme Coordinator ( to arrange this.

While taking a break from training, any clinical time that would have otherwise be approved for clinical hours in urgent care may NOT be recorded for CPD or accreditation purposes, unless prior agreement has been gained from the Director of Clinical Training.  Courses that fulfil the Fellowship criteria may be allowed to be used though prior agreement should be sought from the College.

If your absences from training is for more than 6 months, we pause your CPD on ePortfolio, and inform MCNZ that you have suspended your recertification.  We arrange a refund of membership funds paid for the year.  You should also inform MCNZ.  On your return, annual and triennial CPD requirements will be pro-rated at the discretion of the Board of Censors.

If your absence is for more than one year, you should communicate first to inform the Board of Censors of the planned break.  Prior to your return the Director of Training, acting on behalf of the Board of Censors, will assess your recent CPD and inform you of any CPD to be completed either prior to return or shortly after return.  The cost of any CPD or return-to-work programme is borne by the registrar. The use of HWNZ funds will not be permitted for a return-to-work programme.

In all cases you should inform theTraining Programme Coordinator ( when you wish to return to the programme.


RNZCUC requirements for CPD during this absence are as follows:

1. Absence of up to 6 months

Carry on with the normal CPD cycle.

2. Absence of 6 months –  1 year

CPD can be halted for length of time absent then recommenced upon return.  Triennial recertification requirements will be adjusted.

3. Absence of 1 year – 3 years

Inform the Board of Censors before or early in the absence, and prior to planned return.

4. Absence of > 3 years

Inform the Board of Censors before or early in the absence, and prior to planned return.  The Board of Censors will develop an individual return to work programme, the cost of which may be borne by the member.



Members who are, in the opinion of the Board of Censors, significantly in arrears with CPD on taking a break from clinical practice may be subject to a Board of Censors review before recommencing. The review may stipulate requirements to be met before and / or after rejoining.