Training fees

The costs for the training programme are generally updated annually, though if external providers raise their prices unnanounced, the College may have to update the charge immediately. Registrars not eligible for HWNZ funding may receive a College subsidy for the costs of some components.

All registrars pay year their initial membership fee.  Subsequently, HWNZ-funded registrars may receive receive a credit note based on unallocated HWNZ funds from the previous year. There is no guarantee on the amount available for this purpose.

See the membership page for further information on the membership fee payment.

HWNZ funds

HWNZ funds are available for eligible doctors completing the training programme.  Eligibility and how the funds are applied are described in the HWNZ Funding document.  In brief you must be:

  • Registered to practice medicine in NZ.
  • At least PGY2.
  • A NZ Citizen or permanent resident (note PRV is required, see the HWNZ Funding document).
  • Not receiving HWNZ funds for other vocational training (including via a DHB).
  • Approved for funding by RNZCUC
  • On the RNZCUC training programme for no more than 4 years (though an extension for 6 years is allowed, subject to RNZCUC approval, if you take time out of training for exceptional circumstances).

Those who do not meet these criteria may be able to apply for an exemption, specifically from the residency criterion.  See The GM is able to support your application.

Registrars not eligible for HWNZ funding

Those not eligible for HWNZ funds will be invoiced regularly for the training programme components they complete (and RNZCUC pays for) in accordance with the Fees and invoices for non-HWNZ funded registrars document.  The College automatically awards a small subsidy to registrars.

Scholarship funds.  In addition to the small subsidies available, the College has a small fund available for those in hardship, and who are not eligible for HWNZ funding or other sources of funding.  The Executive Committee has delegated control of the scholarship funds to the GM. To have an application for scholarship funds considered, the following need to apply:

  • You’ve been invited to join, or are a registrar on the training programme.
  • You’re not yet eligible to apply for the PRV, and you will have declared what date you will be eligible to apply for a PRV.
  • You are not eligible for HWNZ funding.
    • If the GM has asked you to apply for an exemption from HWNZ criteria, you will have done so, putting together the best case possible, given your circumstances.
  • You will have a finalised Programme Completion Plan (PCP) which shows all components and when you intend to complete them.
  • The Board of Censors and Education Committee recommend the use of scholarship funds. Those who score highly on the selection process or are progressing well through the training programme are more likely to be recommended for funding.
  • You have no access to other sources of funding (i.e. CME grants available as part of your working contract(s)).
  • You’re asking for funds to cover only those components you intend to complete within the next 12 months.

Those interested in applying for scholarship funds should read this document, complete the application form, and send it to the Training Programme Coordinator (