Dr Sarah Gardiner

Sarah is an Urgent Care Registrar in the Bay of Plenty and is a member of the RNZCUC Executive Committee.

Dr Sam Bartholomew

Sam is an FRNZCUC who works at Te Nikau Grey Hospital as a Rural Generalist.  Sam has done expedition medicine work in Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic, is the medical advisor for the NZHGPA and is a CORE instructor.   Sam works less than he plays and enjoys thinking up unique projects.

Dr Gary Mitchell

Gary is a rural/remote generalist GP/hospital doctor, and a ships doctors with a few Antarctic voyages with the Aussie CSIRO ship RV Investigator.  Gary has worked for 10 years in Niue, Christmas, and Norfolk Islands and well as spending years in Zimbabwe.  Gary currently works in Dunedin Urgent Doctors (DUDAC) where he runs the fracture clinic and he is passionate about MSK POCUS.  He currently presents an urgent care radios show for Otago Open Access radio called DUDAC and the Duchess.

Dr Janet Pribble

Janet is an FRNZCUC and has worked for the WDHB since 2005.  Janet trained in Internal Medicine in the USA and worked in emergency departments in Alabama, Texas and North Carolina before spending 4 years living in Mexico and Peru.  Janet has been training in Ultrasound since 2005 and completed the Otago CCPU in 2016.  The best things in Janet’s life are (in no particular order) – Medicine, Travel, Children, Snorkelling, Ultrasound and her Electric Bike.

Dr Willem van der Merwe

Willem is an FRNZCUC and has worked in Auckland City Hospital ED as an SMO-MOSS for the last 12 years.  Willem is a POCUS instructor for ED trainees having started his own POCUS journey 16 years ago.  Willem continues to attend POCUS courses and is passionate about teaching.

Dr Kelvin Ward

Kelvin is an FRNZCUC, the medical director of the Wellington Accident and Urgent Medical Centre and is a member of the RNZCUC Executive Committee.  Kelvin has been using POCUS for a number of years and is passionate about developing it in the Urgent Care setting.

Dr Mark Fulcher

Mark is a Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician.  He is the managing director and works clinically at the Axis sports medicine specialists and is the medical director for NZ football.  His clinical interests are concussion, knee injuries and injury prevention in sports.  Mark is one of the co-authors of the ACC Sports Concussion Guidelines and has been published in several international peer reviewed journals on the topic of concussion.  Mark is the Editor in chief of the FIFA Medical Network and the Vice President of the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians.

Dr Rachel Lee

Rachel is a senior Registrar with the RNZCUC and works in various urgent care clinics across Auckland and in Auckland Hospital ED.  Rachel undertook several years of training in Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery so has a expertise in managing hand fractures, complex wounds, burns and soft tissue injuries.  Rachel also has an interest in Skin Health and Appearance medicine, offering full body skin checks, skin lesion removal and Botox.  When not working, Rachel enjoys travelling the world, skiing, and enjoying wine with friends and family.

Dr Zaid Matti

Zaid is a registrar with the RNZCUC and works as a Musculoskeletal specialist at the NZ Musculoskeletal and Regenerative Medicine Centre and is passionate about the principle of regenerative musculoskeletal medicine.  Zaid is a member of Interventional Orthopaedics Foundation, a leading organisation in this field and he is an active participant in the world-leading conferences in that field. Zaid has lectured at many international meetings about the principle and use of platelets rich plasma PRP as a cellular therapy for Musculoskeletal conditions. Zaid is an advocate for in promoting ethical research, marketing, and clinical application of Orthobiologics and is an active member of the Orthobiologics Ethics Consortium.  Zaid’s interests include interventions for pain management, POCUS and managing chronic MSK problems in adults.

Andrew Fegan

Andrew is a Physiotherapist with experience in both acute orthopaedics and private practice.  For the last 4 years, Andrew has been the Sales Manager for DJO in NZ, and more recently India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.  Andrew enjoys helping improve management of orthopaedics conditions in primary care.

Dr John Trewick

John is an FRNZCUC and works at Hastings Hospital in Hawkes Bay as an SMO in the Fast Track section of the Emergency Department.  John enjoys managing minor trauma and the treatment of closed fracture and is currently perfecting his Zoom presentation skills.

Dr Avijit Barai

Avijit is an FRNZCUC and currently works as a senior registrar at Christchurch Hospital on the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine training programme.  Avijit has worked in 5 countries around the world, on 3 continents and arrived in NZ 6 years ago.  Avijit is a clinical lecturer in emergency medicine at the University of Otago and is a section editor at the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.  Avijit has an interest in ECGs, trauma, POCUS and medical education and he is currently developing educational videos for his You Tube channel.

Luke Summers

Luke is an Intensive Care Paramedic with St John and a programme leader for the Paramedicine undergraduate degree programme at the Auckland University of Technology.

Sam Zander

Sam works as a Cardiac Physiologist at Middlemore Hospital, a Paramedicine Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology, and an Ambulance Officer for St John.

Billy Doyle

Billy is the Director and Lead Clinical Educator for Resuscitation Skills Limited.  He is a medic with specialising in remote and hostile environments and his post-grad research includes human factors and crisis management.  www.resuscitationskills.com

Resuscitation Skills is a provider of resuscitation and simulation-based education for healthcare professionals.

Dr Jasmine Mackay

Jasmine is an FRNZCUC and the Clinical Director of the 24-hour Surgery in Christchurch.  Jasmine is currently developing clinical projects to introduce POCUS and Nurse Practitioners to the clinic.  Jasmine sits on the RNZCUC Executive Committee as Secretary and as convenor of the Board of Censors.

Dr Dinesh Deonarain

Dinesh is an FRNZCUC and currently works as the Clinical Educator for the Marlborough PHO.  Dinesh was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the RNZCUC

Dr Afraz Adam

Afraz is an FRNZCUC and is the Clinical Director of White Cross in Ponsonby.

Dr Brian Flavin

Brian is an FRNZCUC and is the Clinical Director of the VHI Swiftcare in Ireland.  Brian has worked as an Emergency Department Consultant for the NHS, Senior Lecturer for the University of Southampton, Foundation programme director for University Hospital Southampton and the Wessex deanery and has been a College tutor for the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.  In addition to an Urgent Care Fellowship, Brian holds Fellowships the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Dr Satinder Mann

Satinder is an FRNZCUC and is the Clinical Lead for Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine Consultant at the Great Western Hospital NHS trust in Swindon, UK.

Dr Josh Russell

Josh is an Emergency and Urgent Care physician living in Chicago, Illinois.  Josh is a Fellow of both the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM).  Josh is an associate editor for the Urgent Care RAP podcast and a lecture contributor for the Hippo Urgent Care Bootcamp.  Josh is currently the Editor in Chief for the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine.

The New Zealand Wound Care Society

The NZWCS are a group of health care professionals, from a range of disciplines, who share a common interest in wound management. Their members share experiences, expertise and knowledge and network with other members around New Zealand. They aim to improve outcomes and quality of life for patients with wound and skin integrity problems, provide and encourage best-practice wound management across all health care settings and to be a recognised voice at national and local level in any issues relating to wound healing or maintaining skin integrity. https://www.nzwcs.org.nz/

Dr Steven Stelts

Steven is a seasoned Urgent Care and Emergency Specialist and an avid FOAMed user. Steven is passionate about providing efficient, high-quality care to our sickest patients.

Dr Belinda Van Gruting

Belinda is an FRNZCUC and currently works as a senior medical officer at the Pegasus 24 hour surgery and the Acute Demand service in Christchurch.  Belinda works as a supervisor for international medical graduates and enjoys seeing them grow in confidence during their first years.

Dr David Sorrell

Dave is an FRNZCUC, the Clinical Director of White Cross St Luke’s Urgent Care Clinic and the Director of Clinical Training for the RNZCUC.  Dave is an ex FIFA level 3 football referee, a father of three and has a special interest in wound management and concussion.

Dr Caitlin Randles

Caitlin is an Urgent Care Senior Registrar working at Whitecross in Auckland.  Caitlin came to New Zealand from the UK in 2016 for a year, but having fallen in love with this beautiful country, she never left.  Caitlin has a special interest in Public Health, specifically the social determinants of health and the barriers to healthy lifestyles.

Dr Siobhan Latham

Siobhan is an FRNZCUC who currently works as a MOSS at Starship Hospital Emergency Department.  Siobhan is also a FRNZCGP and has worked as a GP for 20 years before training in Urgent Care when working at the Three Kings Accident and Medical and the Wellington Urgent Care Clinic.  Siobhan is interested in sharing the skills learnt during her time in the Children’s ED and is keen to help develop the skills and staffing levels to enable appropriate procedures to be done in primary care.

Dr Zoë Cruse

Zoë is an FRNZCUC who works in the Accident and Healthcare Urgent Care clinic in Tauranga.  Zoë is a qualified diving instructor and Yoga instructor whose interest in Sports medicine assists her passion for competing in Iron Man events.  Zoë also enjoys singing, both on stage and around her workplace.