Thank you to all that replied to this survey. The overall impression was that again there are large variations. Bear in mind when comparing to last year that the sample may not correspond to last year’s cross-section. There are two parts to the survey – the statistics and the free text comments from which I have tried to remove any identifiable features. They are available separately below.

The purpose of this survey is both to provide some benchmarks for members and their workplaces but also to sound out what issues we should (-and could) address as part of our role in advocacy. Some problems have already been identified and are to be considered but there may be others that you may wish to raise. The AGM on 22 March is also an appropriate forum for this and you have been invited to place items on the agenda by informing the GM ( by 9 am Monday 28 February, but preferably before Wednesday 16 February (the date of the next Executive Committee meeting).

Steve Adams, Treasurer

To view the survey results: Click here