There’s already several major projects underway. Here are just some of the things to expect in 2020:

  • Annual Survey
  • Branch accreditation
  • Update to Urgent Care Course
  • Revised recertification programme
  • Appoint a new Director of Professional Development
  • One additional administration staff member
  • Appointing the new Executive Committee
  • An increase in the membership fee
Annual Survey

As mentioned in previous newsletters, we are putting together the annual survey.  We’ll open this before the end of January, and will be able to summarise results at the 2020 AGM.  The new Executive Committee will be able to review the results to see if there are suggestions we can act on.

Branch accreditation

MCNZ require us to go through another branch accreditation process, which requires us to meet recently updated and strengthened published standards.  We submit our report in May, followed by a visit from MCNZ in August, and their report and recommendation in December.  As we review the new standards, there are likely to be new policies, processes, standards to introduce during 2020.

Updates to the Urgent Care Course

The Education Committee is working closely with a set of authors to update the online Urgent Care Course material. This project is ongoing, and parts of module one have already been updated.  Through 2020 we will update the remaining modules.

Revised recertification programme

The Professional Standards Committee will develop the revised recertification programme, in line with the requirements set out in the branch accreditation requirements and MCNZ Strengthening Recertification documents.  We aim to have the draft revised programme published for feedback in April, then release the final version in July.  We intend to start implementation in September, moving Fellows and registrars across at the time of their APC renewal.

Appoint a new Director of Professional Development

With the departure of Dr Adam from the position of DPD, we are looking for a replacement.  I intend to work with the Executive Committee and produce a revised job description shortly.  Those interested in applying for the post may email the GM ( At this stage, do not send in CV, just your expression of interest.  We will share the job description once complete.

Additional administration staff member

MCNZ’s updated requirements for branch accreditation, compliance reporting, and the strengthened recertification programme create an additional burden on the office staff.  The Executive Committee has approved one additional staff member in an administration role. Key elements of their role will be:

  • Managing College events and training courses.
  • Ongoing management of Fellows’ recertification, supporting the DPD and PSC.
  • Bookkeeping and general administration.

Taking on these tasks will release Alex and Hadi to focus on other tasks which have become significantly more onerous in recent years.

Appointing new Executive Committee

We appoint the Executive Committee at the AGM. This year, two ordinary members and the secretary (Dr Alistair Sullivan) stand down.  Any full member may stand for election.  Anyone interested in standing for election to the Executive Committee, or to any of the subcommittees (appointed by the Executive Committee at their first meeting) can express their intentions to the GM ( who is happy to explain the process, responsibilities, remuneration, and other aspects of these roles.

Membership fee increase

We do our best to keep costs in check and provide value for money to members. The additional requirements, plus significant additional costs across the board, mean that we need to increase membership fees in 2020. An increase in the region of $100 per member is likely.  The GM will propose the new fee to the Executive Committee at the next meeting, and if approved, will be presented to the members at the AGM.