Successive professional standards committees and directors of professional development have formulated the future recertification programme, brought about by the MCNZ’s strengthened recertification requirements. 

We have consulted with members several times, asking their feedback through surveys, emails, and webinars. This is the final consultation before implementation.  Our hope is to start the programme in 2021 (possibly July but likely September), changing members from the old system to the new cohort by cohort. 

The revised recertification programme is available on the website, and we ask that you keep the page open so you can review the programme as you complete the survey. 

Programme summary for all recertification pathways 

The programme runs over three years (a triennium) and includes annual compulsory requirements. Requirements are dependent on the recertification pathway followed. 


Please provide your general satisfaction (one to five stars) with the revised programme elements and provide comment if you wish.