A significant amount of work has gone into preparing the revised recertification programme.  It is still in its draft form, following consultation with members and a great deal of work completed by several Fellows of the College, including the past and current convenors of the Professional Standards Committee, and past and present DPD.

We’re busy preparing a web-friendly version to allow readers to review the full proposed programme. We are able to share the tables below, showing a summary of the proposed future programme, and one showing the similarities and differences between the current and proposed future programme.

Next week we’ll post the programme on the website, and we aim to hold a webinar in the following week to allow members to ask questions about the programme.

Programme summary for all recertification pathways

The programme runs over three years (a triennium) and includes annual compulsory requirements. Requirements are dependent on the recertification pathway followed.

Embedded within these activities is training or activities that contribute to cultural safety and health equity.  At least two hours per year of activity should contribute to improving cultural safety, lead towards providing equitable health outcomes for all including those with dealing with disadvantage, foster inclusion, or help improve the health literacy of patients.

Please see the overview page for more details.

Key differences between the current and revised programme