Over the last 18 months, the College has been revising the recertification programme in line with the new MCNZ guidelines that all Colleges must meet.  Following the initial survey last year, we presented the draft programme at a webinar back in September, which some of you were able to attend.  We have had some enquiries following the RNZCGP announcing the rollout of their programme so we would like to give you a rough road map of our College plans.

We will be making the draft of the new programme available on the website soon for members to review.  We will also include the video that we presented in September for those of you that missed it. We’ll consult with members soon, asking for feedback on the draft programme, including another engagement webinar.  We will produce some videos to explain and demonstrate some of the newer features of the programme, such as the structured annual conversation and how it ties in with the professional development plan.  Following the consultation and webinar we’ll develop the final plan by early 2021.

We intend to have a phased rollout of the new programme, starting in July next year. We’ll tie in with APC renewal/ePortfolio rollover cohorts. We’ll complete the transfer to the new programme by July 2022.  We hope to introduce a more integrated and supportive IT system in line with the phased rollout.

You can find information on the MCNZ strengthening recertification requirements here – https://www.mcnz.org.nz/about-us/publications/newsletters/december-2019/towards-strengthening-recertification/

The revised recertification programme will be more relevant to your personal daily practice, will be easier to maintain and will address a lot of the common issues people have had with previous programmes.